How Does Royal Mail Franking Work?

When it comes to postage, Royal Mail franking is one of the easiest and most flexible ways to pay for your postage as and when is convenient for your company, giving you the ability to manage your business mail much more efficiently.


What Products are Available with a Royal Mail Franking Machine?

The beauty of a franking machine is that it puts postage right at your fingertips – never again will you have to worry about whether you have enough stamps, or have to leave the office to go to the post office. With Royal Mail franking, you can send just about anything to anywhere. Unlike with other franking machines, all of these services are available with a Royal Mail franking machine -

  • Special Delivery
  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Standard Parcels
  • Airmail
  • Airsure
  • Surface mail
  • Recorded signed for
  • International signed for
  • Parcelforce
  • Mailsort
  • Cleanmail


What are the Benefits of Royal Mail Franking?

Just like other popular franking companies such as Neopost and Pitney Bowes, Royal Mail franking allows you to rent or buy a franking machine for your office. The main difference is that when you rent or buy a Royal Mail franking machine you will be issued with a license from the Royal Mail that authorises you to use the Royal Mail franking machine to buy their products.
When using Royal Mail franking you are able to give your mail a professional image by including your company name and logo, as well as the return address of your company on every piece of mail that goes through the Royal Mail franking machine – this not only makes your mail look more professional, it also means mail can be returned quickly and easily in the event that it is not delivered.
Royal Mail also offer very competitive franking prices, so you can ensure that you are getting one of the best deals on a franking machine from them.
A Royal Mail franking machine can also save you time and money as you are able to re-credit the machine over the phone. Using a Royal Mail franking machine also means that you can record all of your expenditure, which makes tracking your mailing costs a lot easier. The fact that all of your postal credit is stored within the machine also means that you will have extra security.
Perhaps the best aspect of a Royal Mail franking machine is the savings that they offer. Your company can save at least 5p per item sent using their standard first and class rates and even more of a saving is available if you use other Royal Mail services such as recorded or special delivery.
It is important to note that should you choose to invest in a Royal Mail franking machine that you are bound by the ‘Royal Mail Scheme for Franking’ and the Royal Mail do reserve the right to withdraw your license if they feel that any part of the scheme is not met.
To find out more about the benefits of a Royal Mail franking machine and compare their prices against those of other suppliers, you can do so easily on companeo’s website:  Get a free quotes Royal Mail franking and find the best price for your business.

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